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  • Huntsville Educational Article of the Month - Armadillo Trapping: How To Trap A Armadillo

Armadillo Trapping: How To Trap A Armadillo

Armadillo Trapping: How To Trap A Armadillo

Armadillos are classified as Huntsville pest animals and one of their main habits is digging. They dig through all over the yard creating small holes and large burrows. They can also build large tunnel right next to or under your house. This can cause a lot of problems for you. No one wants their yard to be dug and look ugly. Armadillos usually find food by digging into the surface. Their usual food could be earthworms. So if you find holes in your garden or yard then it is usually the sign that Alabama Armadillo is present there.

You can get rid of armadillo’s by trapping them. Here’s a list of different types of traps and bait that can be used to catch Huntsville Armadillo.

1. Traps
You do not require a specific kind of trap to catch Huntsville Armadillo. So a live cage trap which is racoon sized can perfectly do the job. The dimensions of the trap should be atleast 30 inches long, 12 inches high and 10 inches wide. Still if you are having some doubts regarding this then you can go for a Havahart 1079 trap. It is also important that you choose a trap which is quite sturdy as Alabama Armadillos have large claws and they can break any trap which isn’t solid. If you are looking for lethal traps to kill the Armadillo, then there isn’t one. The reason behind it is that Armadillo has armour which makes it difficult to trap them and kill.

2. Bait
Speaking in strict sense, there is no specific bait to trap Huntsville Armadillos. The reason behind it is that they eat food that is dug out of ground. They won’t eat any food that is present on the surface itself or as matter of fact, in the cage too. So the most important feature required to trap the Alabama Armadillo is the location of the trap.

3. Methods to catch Armadillo
So now we know that to trap the Alabama Armadillo, location is the point. So let’s start with it. Since Huntsville Armadillos have poor eyesight, they travel only on certain pathways. They dig burrows here and there and most of the burrows are usually escape burrows. They are just few feet below the ground. For sleeping they usually have just one burrow. So if you find that main burrow then that is the best location for the trap. But you can also set up the trap on the pathway to small burrows too and that will do the work.

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