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  • Huntsville Educational Article of the Month - How To Kill A Bat?

How To Kill A Bat?

How To Kill A Bat?

Bats can become an annoyance when they have set up camp in your Huntsville house and killing them in any form is one of the first things that comes to your mind. Here we discuss some techniques as to how to kill bats and whether they are feasible from an economic and a humane point of view and what is the best way forward which ends up in effective removal of these bats.

Some of the ways that a bat can be killed:

Using Lethal Traps
Bats can be killed by getting hold of them in steel or super glue bat traps. The bats once captured cannot escape from these traps and as a result die of hunger and exhaustion. These traps are available commercially and are used to exterminate Huntsville bats, but this procedure seems inhumane.

Using Poison
Poison can be used to kill Huntsville bats but there are no specialized poisons which can be used as a bat killer. Using insecticides as poison turns out to be ineffective most of the time as many of them don’t die and even become immune to it. By chance if the Alabama bats even die, their carcass emits odor and removing them out is a whole new arduous task.

Using Fumigants
Another alternative that can be used to kill bats is by suffocation them by introducing poisonous gases in places where they are hiding. Ensure that the area that you are fumigating is sealed properly so that these poisonous gases do not come in direct contact with human beings. Fumigants are introduced which percolates through air and kills the Alabama bat infestation. Proper ventilation is also necessary so that the gases can escape outside, after which the place can be unsealed and made safe for humans to enter. There are many Huntsville professional agencies which can take care of all these.

Is Killing of Bats allowed? The best solution going forward
Killing a random Huntsville bat which has entered your house is something, but it is illegal to kill a colony of bats in many countries. They are protected by various laws and environmental regulations and it is also inhumane from our side to kill them. The best way to get rid of them is to capture them using traps and release them someplace which is close to their natural habitat. Live exclusion is also a preferred alternative in which you can install these exclusion devices-comprising of a network of valves and pipes which are especially installed at the points through which an Alabama bat may enter and exit the house. These devices are designed in such a way that facilitates a bat to exit a house but does not let them come back- a one-way valve that closes as soon as one of the bats escape and there are no chances of coming back. It is humanely feasible as it allows for an effective removal of the bats without causing them any harm.

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