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  • Huntsville Educational Article of the Month - House Mouse Prevention Tips: How To Keep House Mice Away

House Mouse Prevention Tips: How To Keep House Mice Away

House Mouse Prevention Tips: How To Keep House Mice Away

House mice are any Alabama homeowner’s nightmare causing distress and uneasiness at its single sight. House mice causes damage to Huntsville property, food and are disease carrier. Mice are intelligent and inquisitive in nature causing them to explore through everything. These rodents are also famous for spreading many epidemics.

Keeping this house mouse away is very important as they reproduce very quickly. Huntsville Mouse is adapted to any habitat. Methods to keep them away is been carried on from many years still few has been successful in complete eradication of house mice. We need to look for signs of this pest like dropping, burrows, footprint in and around our house. Once we know that there is an infestation we need to start with some prevention mechanism. Fencing around the Alabama house, building or farm is necessary using strong iron rods in horizontal and vertical patterns making it impossible to break in or make hole to squeeze in.

Structural component of Huntsville mouse allows them to squeeze through any opening and gaps. Any doors, windows, floors, walls and cracks must be repaired so that no gaps are found. The Alabama house mouse has a chewing habit and has sharp teeth which help them nibble through pipes, drains, electric wires and vents. So proper sealing with mice proof material is needed like steel wool, sheet metal and metal structure which are perforated. Exterior walls of the buildings should be of hard material so that mice cannot chew though, mainly made up of cement and bricks.

Mice are good digger so you must also check for any holes or burrows which could lead to the main house. Flooring foundation needs to be strong and sturdy. Mouse looks for an opportunity to find food and almost feeds on everything. So you need to take care of cleanliness of the house and around it so that there is no bed for reproduction of mice. A Huntsville mouse mostly invades the kitchen of any home so it should be cleaned everyday making sure there is no trace of any unwanted food material. Foods should be properly stored in containers with air tight lids and trashcan should be covered properly with lids.

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