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  • Huntsville Educational Article of the Month - How To Get Rid Of Skunks

How To Get Rid Of Skunks

How To Get Rid Of Skunks

These nocturnal Huntsville mammals are intelligent and shy with a unbearable spray weapon. Skunks often take shelter around humans' house for food and safety however these animals become nuisance in no time. Multiple issues like the fear of the spray all stays as well as Skunks do carry rabies virus so chances of the spreading of this disease to other pets cannot be denied. Moreover they dig burrows and spoil your garden in search of food. So you would like to stay away from them. Here are the known methods those could be tried:

Fences – Skunks are not very good climbers hence fencing is a good idea so just like for any Huntsville rodent, fence for Skunk should be of at least 4 feet above the ground and around 2 feet below the ground so that digging will also not help. Barb wire fence or mesh could be used, more options are also available.

Home Repairs – These graceful looking yet unwanted beasts will not push their way into your house but yes they could dig their way into the basement. The best defense is to keep the walls of your Huntsville house maintained and checked time to time so that no holes present or all vents, outlets, inlets are secured.

Exclusion – There should always be exclusions present in the fence, so that if the Skunk is present inside the perimeter they should be able to leave. The things that should be kept in mind while building an exclusion are it should be big enough for the Alabama animal to pass through easily and the door should be working properly means it should be a one way door only and not the other way round.

Traps – These are one of the best ways to keep these critters away from your Huntsville yard. Traps come in different sizes and shapes so you need to make sure the size of the trap because the trigger sensor of the bigger trap will not work for small Alabama animals and vice versa.

Repellants – Using of natural or artificial repellants is another way to keep them away. Spray the repellant on key areas where they visit regularly. Repellants are not very effective as these beasts are well known for their adaptive capabilities hence these methods do not work for long.

Killing – Because of their unbearable spray people do not want them to come near so shooting a Huntsville Skunk seems a best way at times. But we should not kill the innocent animal, so try other methods to get rid of them.

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